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Tired of swiping through profiles of women that you're not actually interested in? Asian dating sites are a great are a great start to finding girls from eastern countries, but if you're ready to try the #1 asian dating site that's designed to get your a girlfriend (and designed to be deleted after) then simply click the link below to sign in for membership (it takes less than 90 seconds).

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Other free asian dating sites can't compare. Meet women with asian backgrounds who share your interests for free, whether you're looking for a serious partner, long term relationship, to find true love, or something more casual.

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Search world wide users and members by personal preferences including age, interest, country of origin, and ethnicity - Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, Nepali, Filipino, Vietnamese, and any Asian countries


Users can enjoy unlimited free messaging with all members. Membership includes powerful chat and social features that are better than a personality test. Finally you can find asians who appreciate you for for you and send messages with ease.

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Start video calls and talk online with asian ladies from around the world, watch live webcams, and join public chat rooms. Meeting asian girls has never been this easy.

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Our website is secured with bank-grade SSL encryption making sure that all member data, videos, and messages stay private, no matter what web browser you're using.
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Still not sure if you're ready to join the #1 Asian Dating app men and women are using to meet asian singles in record time? With over 4 million verified profiles world wide, we are confident that you'll find exactly what you're looking for. It's no surprise that most users find someone they're interested in during their first date online. But don't take our word for it. See what our members are saying:

I've always been attracted to asian girls, I guess you could say I have a 'type'. Well after me and my last asian girlfriend broke up a few years ago my family member finally convinced me to get back into the dating pool. But wasting my time walking the streets, and going to bars and events wasn't giving me what I was looking for. That's when I decided to signup for just about every single Asian hookup app out there, then I found this one. I was able to meet my new asian girlfriend, Cindy, on the first day of using this site. We chatted for a while, and then went on our first date to get Boba. They say, the rest is history. This site is definitely worth your time.

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Most western women are stuck up and their heads are a mess. I've always had better success dating Asian women, but finding them was always a struggle in my city. Yeah, I'm that person. I'm so glad my Facebook friends showed me this site because it takes the hard work out of finding an asian match looking to date. Me and my partner are actually about to have a baby. We tell people we met at Burning Man, but we actually met on this website.

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Asian Dating Questions and Answers

Here are some frequently asked questions most single men might be wondering before they invest in an online asian match membership websites.

What is the best Asian dating site?

With so many asian dating websites claiming to be "legit" for online asian dating, it's hard to know which asian dating sites actually work. While, of course, we'd love to recommend asiandating.co as your #1 destination to find asian singles, there are a few other sites that might be worth your time, including asiandating.com, eastmeetseast.com, elite singles, and theleague.com. For a full cost breakdown and review check out our best asian dating websites page on our blog.

Where can I meet Asian singles?

Online dating makes it easy to meet asian singles no matter where you are in the world, and you don't even need to be in Asia. However, if you're looking to meet Asian singles out and about, in real life, and without taking up a new hobby, here are some places you can try: Cities with a high density of asian women looking to date non-asian men include the San Fransisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York.

Are there any legit Asian dating sites?

There are several legit asian dating sites, but there are also lots of sites that could be scams or not worth your time at all. It's hard to know the difference. Asiandating.co has been voted the #1 best asian dating site of 2021 (and the fastest growing). For a full members breakdown of the best asian dating sites and apps, check out our blog for full reviews and breakdowns of all the other asian dating sites and free asian dating apps.

How much is Asian Dating?

While there are several free-to-message features, the Asian Dating cost of a VIP membership starts at just $9 per month if you commit to a year-long subscription. Please remember that all of their premium membership subscriptions are charged as a one-off payment, despite that it is only $9 a month when you apply a full-cost breakdown.

What is it like dating an Asian guy?

Dating an Asian guy can be an incredibly rewarding experience. New data suggests that couples and marriages with an asian guy last 55% longer than relationships with men of other races. And, without presenting racial stereotypes, new studies show that asian men earn more and are more successful, on average, then men of other ethnicities. So if you're ready to find your bread-winning asian guy, signup at asiandating.co to get started for free.

Do Asian guys have a hard time dating?

All men can have a hard time dating - it can be nerve-racking. However, dating mostly comes down to confidence. So long as you're comfortable with yourself, and confident, chances are you can make a good first impression, no matter what your ethnicity may be. Of course, many men of asian decent find it easier to date asian girls due to compatibility and cultural reasons. Whether you're looking for your asian knight in shining armor, or an oriental princess to spend the rest of your life with, asiandating.co can help you find your new partner in under 24 hours.

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